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Company Introduction

"It all started back in year 2012, we as family members decided to take a leap of faith to venture into the financial industry despite graduating from different majors and later on started our employments in the corporate environments.

Being new and having zero knowledge about business, our early initiatives were to promote the basic financial security and wellbeing to our beloved friends and families. We believe in a life that is lived to the fullest, each and every day. Therefore, we have made it our top priority from then onwards, to make life great for everyone who comes into our lives.

Greatitude Advisory Group was then founded in year 2018, with the intention to further expand the group and to create more awareness on the importance of financial plannning among the Malaysia community. Your family's financial security and overall wellbeing are what continues to drive us. And to be continuously providing the right solutions for real life needs, is what we are and will always be committed to do."


To make Greatitude the best place to live, work and grow in every life stages.


To enhance life value by strategizing financial securities and unlocking your pure potentials.

Core Values


To continuously develop and innovate towards becoming the best version of you.


To embrace new challenges and spread positivity.


To carry the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation and give back to the community.



Founder, CEO

"Still, I  rise"

- The first ever one to recruit his family members.

- He believes in providing cozy & conducive environment to live, work and grow in every life stages.

- A dedicated leader who initiated the system in Greatitude.

- Nevertheless, he always shares the Vision and Mission to the team member.


Founder, COO

"Follow Your Dreams"

- Now, who do you think is my worst competitor? Follow Greatitude insta to know more.

- The enthusiastic COO that is not only the head of public relationship matters, but also has various ideas of creating the chilling yet productive atmosphere for fellow colleagues.

- She takes the matter on designing protection plans for families very seriously like how she takes care of her own child’s protection.

- Accountability is what she truly believes in this career.


Founder, CDO

" We Rise By Lifting Others"

- Now, which EVENTS that you want me to help you first?

- Previously involved in the creative field, and now believes in providing more values in helping families in their financial risk planning.

- It is his honour to see his clients GROW, throughout their lives with A PEACE OF MIND.

- Nevertheless, he always shares the Vision and Mission of Greatitude to all the team members.


Personal Assistant

- Help delegating team’s customer services and events.

- Overseeing clerical support and administrative tasks.

- Taking care and maintaining the overall organization well-being.

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